Do My Cats Conduct Electricity? (a feline experiment / banana outtakes) 

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This video is like a rotting banana - not good enough to serve as the main course but definitely good enough to mash it up and have it for desert
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Nov 10, 2018




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Comments 100   
Jaylee Agnew
Jaylee Agnew 17 days ago
Tati water
Abhisikta Gupta
Abhisikta Gupta 20 days ago
It was really cute when Cristine and Menchie were rubbing their noses on Ben's face, adorable 😋😋
Mircea Taras
Mircea Taras Month ago
IM 10!
NINA CLARK Month ago
swiming during a storm is dangerous but it is rare that lightning will strike the water
Kaitlan Carter
Kaitlan Carter Month ago
'Don't eat anything used' Cristine '👁👅👁'
Erika Johansson
Erika Johansson 2 months ago
I'm totally late, but as far as I'm aware (and this is high school knowledge for me and I haven't been in high school for five years and science wasn't my strong suit), the idea of swimming, if there's lightning, is what Ben said: you're the highest point, therefore what's going to be struck first. That is why in case you're in a big open area when there's lightning, you should stand under a tree (or something) to make sure the tree is struck and not yourself.
Louise Louise
Louise Louise 2 months ago
if you are in a body of water and lightning strikes within like 30 metres it can kill you. even though water is a conductor it can only conduct so far
ray shirogane
ray shirogane 2 months ago
Shu1chi K1nnie
Shu1chi K1nnie 2 months ago
Ben’s hat goes very well with this video
Coot Neko
Coot Neko 2 months ago
Ben so happy to have two cat loving on him is pure n wholesome
Katherine Kathie
Katherine Kathie 2 months ago
3:50 Me, a ten year old: These guys are so stupid. The lightning strikes and spreads on the top of the body of water. So when your swimming you usually on the top so, when the lightning spreads it goes and shocks you.
Leianne Polanco
Leianne Polanco 3 months ago
When they played the mc2 video, I thought it was an ad 😂
Eveline Jaquier
Eveline Jaquier 3 months ago
I say Ben like that now all the time😎😎😎
Frogsbythepond 3 months ago
Cristine: S M A R T SMART My sister: F A R T FART She's almost 22 by the way
JoBug 3 months ago
Fun fact, bananas are the world's biggest herb
Alexander Torres
Alexander Torres 3 months ago
Who’s watching after laurdiys ex died in a lake
Gabriel Paddock
Gabriel Paddock 3 months ago
Make like a banana and peel out
Sandy Hossam
Sandy Hossam 3 months ago
Trees are plants
Carys Wilson
Carys Wilson 3 months ago
Hi Quarantine SUCKSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bakugo Katsuki
Bakugo Katsuki 3 months ago
I just saw Ben's shirt.."Live Simply" 😂
michelle estepa
michelle estepa 3 months ago
it kept playing after he stoped 6:18
Curly the Dinosaur
Curly the Dinosaur 4 months ago
Ben, if you need help blink three times and mouth *It'S* *nOt* *A* *PrOBLeM* *aNyMoRe*
Ivy Engel
Ivy Engel 4 months ago
Mya K
Mya K 4 months ago
I know this is a year late. BIT. It should be. BENana ( I know it’s bad lol)
Andrew Shi
Andrew Shi 4 months ago
in your recent podlogical, you said that your students were reluctant to sing, but were compelled by the professor, however in this video, you state that the students sang as a means of getting a higher grade. Those seem a tad contradictory. Which is true?
Adelle D'Souza
Adelle D'Souza 4 months ago
i love chemistry too. especially nomenclature. guess i have some similarity with cristine.
Nadia Leitch
Nadia Leitch 4 months ago
Ben is rocking thos cat ears
erica k
erica k 5 months ago
Cristine is so addictive... can't stop watching you guys
Alpha Rhos
Alpha Rhos 5 months ago
7:17 love that clip
fauesushii 5 months ago
its 2020 we're still waiting for the banana sponsor
Play and Create
Play and Create 5 months ago
The cats are umm.....
Kaitlyn Keczely
Kaitlyn Keczely 5 months ago
Menchie is so dang cute
Zoe Pressel
Zoe Pressel 5 months ago
Ben, please be careful if you eat 40 bananas a day you can die
Deadlynightshade9 5 months ago
Swimming in a thunderstorm is dangerous because if lightening hits the water it would electrocute you. However, the electricity travels across the surface of the water and doesn't go very deep, which is why all the fish and wildlife don't die every time lightening hits a lake.
Cassie 6 months ago
Wait I’m so sMaRt Ben should give Cristine a banana tea!!
Harmony 6 months ago
Is no one gonna talk about menchie in the back 1:48
Alyssa :p
Alyssa :p 6 months ago
Benanas 👌
WEEBY chan
WEEBY chan 6 months ago
Lomtif channel
Lomtif channel 6 months ago
What's the original song she started singing?
Lomtif channel
Lomtif channel 6 months ago
@L And Y 6:24
L And Y
L And Y 6 months ago
What time
Ian Tasker
Ian Tasker 6 months ago
Lighting stops at the water simply 😍😘
Alicia Chan
Alicia Chan 6 months ago
Lighting strikes the highest point, which is why trees get struck by lightning instead of the animals below. If you are the highest point in the water you will get struck. Thank u for paying attention in class Beyyynnnnn! I learned this in third grade.
Leah Sutterer
Leah Sutterer 6 months ago
I have a banana tree in my house
mxxnlight 6 months ago
7:08 is no one going to mention how adorable menchie and cristine is there?
Gigi Coco
Gigi Coco 6 months ago
SummyMae Storms
SummyMae Storms 6 months ago
Ben: wiFi giVEs yOU rADiAtIOn! Cristine: **cHOkEs**
Animations :3
Animations :3 7 months ago
Mean while Zlyer in the background 0:01 were the fuck I’m i
Pandia 427
Pandia 427 7 months ago
I laughed too hard at the screenshot
Unknown Weird Things
Why tf am I going to school then??
Moon Light
Moon Light 7 months ago
indie kid
indie kid 7 months ago
glbby 7 months ago
1:47 *m e n c h i e*
Mirprinces 101010
Mirprinces 101010 7 months ago
I think you can like attach them to nail polish containers
Nurul Ain
Nurul Ain 7 months ago
I am Zylerphone
Charlotte 7 months ago
Carol B 1412
Carol B 1412 7 months ago
Look at you, Copernicus!! 😂😂😂
ItsAnastasiaa C
ItsAnastasiaa C 7 months ago
Me: pausing. Christine: mennnnnnccccchhhhhiiiieee
Ditaa_ 7 months ago
Meghan 7 months ago
In a thunderstorm when the lightning hits the water it travels until, it hits the first thing higher then the water and electric Ute s it
Miya Dragon
Miya Dragon 7 months ago
Does anybody else think that Cristine should make a Simply Livelogical?
C Cat
C Cat 7 months ago
I got this kit when I was little and it has never worked. I found it in my closet the other day and thought why not try it, still didn't work ;-;
Bighuggins 7 months ago
were can i get one of thos banana pianos
Olivia Ana Marginean
Cristine: Menchi become the banana Menchi: nope
Jillian Crane
Jillian Crane 7 months ago
My ears are bleeding yet I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe
A chick named Shrimpy
fish are only stunned, most the time...
Dawn Ramos
Dawn Ramos 7 months ago
Gianna MB
Gianna MB 8 months ago
This is why I look up to Cristine...
Ula Meglič
Ula Meglič 8 months ago
I luve u 🖕😂🤣
Junko The2nd
Junko The2nd 8 months ago
Liquor before beer your in the clear, beer before inner galactic travel feel your insides unravel Dbz abridged reference, does anyone else get this??
C M 8 months ago
Hi I’m Bert! And this is my sister Gert!
Declan Cramer
Declan Cramer 8 months ago
Me lmao Toy Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Me. That’s kind of like BEEYNNN But different kind of
Avery’s Life
Avery’s Life 8 months ago
I have the same thing when I was younger. :D
Jessica Scott
Jessica Scott 8 months ago
49 people die each year are being struck but many more are injured
sapphire chicken nugget
Lol may I remind you that you to are grown adults lol no offense
Grand holly
Grand holly 8 months ago
0:56 - isn't it great how Beyn sticks up for the bananas 😂
Liz Brown
Liz Brown 9 months ago
You just need a naked kitty!!! 😂
Charlotte Duncan
Charlotte Duncan 9 months ago
If lightning hits water it will kill you dut after 5 minutes it will be save dut if electric Pole hits water or is in the water the water is Dangerous in tall the electric pole is outside the water for 5 minutes
Annelea 9 months ago
7:17 its so funny I laughed at it so many times and it's night time so I really have to hold my laugh xD it's soooo funny!!!!
Sadie Shoptaw
Sadie Shoptaw 9 months ago
Put the clips On there paws
Kailee Lawhorne
Kailee Lawhorne 9 months ago
Contrary to popular belief, and probably a bunch of Harry Belafonte songs, bananas don't grow on trees. Even though banana plants can grow to be 30 feet in height, they're not technically trees: their stems are sturdy, but contain no woody tissue. They're not trunks, but “pseudostems,” made of densely packed leaves.Aug 20, 2013
Philmriss 9 months ago
7:33 100% relationship goals 😍
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui 9 months ago
Wait, if they said “Do Not eat food items after experimentation “ Then why in the demo and in if I recall correctly do they show the girls eating the ice cream DURING THE EXPERIMENT
Brooklyn T
Brooklyn T 9 months ago
@2:15 This "current" scenario. He he.
Amanda Arntzen Hærdig
We lurnd about Titanic today at school It was not fun it was kinda scary 😥
Hayley Mah
Hayley Mah 10 months ago
Outtakes! First outtake: that’s a great joke, that gonna make the final cut I think
Byaain Ryan
Byaain Ryan 10 months ago
Here's a whole video explaining the lightning and fish thing. Lightning CAN kill fish. It's just not very likely. us-first.info/player/video/Y56ZgaR4daNlnYk.html
Kokichi mastermind Leader
BeYyNnN SToP bEiNg A dAd
sup mah dudez
sup mah dudez 10 months ago
GoldenNokomis 10 months ago
The electricity don't want none if it's through your bun, hon.
Orange Kiwi
Orange Kiwi 10 months ago
Hey u were my teacher!
West Works
West Works 10 months ago
You should copy your cats for a day
Patryk Szalik
Patryk Szalik 11 months ago
I started capping myself when Ben got the award.
Shook To the core
Shook To the core 11 months ago
Is it me or does cristines cup look fake or cartoon when she puts it down
Dragon Studios HD
Dragon Studios HD 11 months ago
Fun fact: Bananas are in fact not fruits. Nor do they come from trees. Bananas are herbs. Probably the largest herb you will ever see. Here is a video pretty much proving this statement: us-first.info/player/video/gLOCmYuddI-eeoE.html
Just a brit
Just a brit 11 months ago
You have the same cup as the women in the advert before your video
Sreenidhi Chandrabose
Sreenidhi Chandrabose 11 months ago
1:47 can you spot the menchie (hint:she is really cute)😚😚😚😊😊😘😘😍😍
Feline Galama
Feline Galama 11 months ago
Feline Galama
Feline Galama 11 months ago
Feline Galama
Feline Galama 11 months ago
Feline Galama
Feline Galama 11 months ago
Meme star
Meme star 11 months ago
I just realized this is the simply not logical channel..😂❤️👌🏻
Hang 'Em High