CREEPER ON THE RED CARPET | 2016 Streamys and LA trip 

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I may not have won the Breakout Creator award at the 2016 Streamys but I won this trip by meeting so many amazing beautiful people and their faces.
If you follow me on snapchat www.snapchat.com/add/simplynailogica you've seen even more :)
Remember when the top comments on my videos used to be 'stop trying to be Jenna Marbles?' us-first.info/player/video/h9KDjI9olJmhjGg.html
Proof ya gotta ignore the bored keyboard haters and keep doing whatever it is you do because you never know one day your senpai will notice you
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Oct 9, 2016




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Comments 100   
Rhiannon Fauna
Rhiannon Fauna 12 days ago
They are so stinking cute and Canadian from a fellow Canadian
Phoebe Lancaster
Phoebe Lancaster 13 days ago
yaaaaaay the try guuuuysZ
MIMI Month ago
8:50 I thought my right earphone died. lol, it was just the vid.
Maya Toledo
Maya Toledo 2 months ago
12:43 I see u Ben 👀😏
avdr3y 3 months ago
one day maybe we will get a jenna and cristine colab
Devon Genesis
Devon Genesis 3 months ago
Ben: *points camera at sleeping cristine * Ben: *looks super proud of himself *
Lois Lobster
Lois Lobster 3 months ago
Watching this in 2020 like: WEAR A MASKKKKKKKKK!!!! DAMNYALL SO MANY PEOPLE! Then you remember that the world was normal back then
Harminder Kaur
Harminder Kaur 3 months ago
Just looking at the number of famous people in the streamys red carpet is making me anxious. Hats off to her for doing this.
Carmela Estacio
Carmela Estacio 3 months ago
petition for bens own channel ⬇️👇
Infaroyya al karimah muhamad
Due to the tittle, I was expecting something would explode-- and now I just realized how dark it would be
Katelyn Graygate
Katelyn Graygate 4 months ago
God I miss Jenna.
floater .•`
floater .•` 5 months ago
I feel like Christine got progressively younger looking as the years went on
Scarlett Li
Scarlett Li 5 months ago
Christine: It looks like a furby. “Do you have a crush on someone?” “Yes” “Who?” “Your Brother!” Silence “Hahahahahaha!” Cristine IRL “I don’t have a brother.”
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 5 months ago
Omfg it’s meant to be, Jenna marbles and Simply need to collab.
charlotte hitchin
charlotte hitchin 6 months ago
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse 6 months ago
the thumbnail screams *”JULIENNNNNNNUHHhHh!”*
Holy Moly Ravioli
Holy Moly Ravioli 6 months ago
What royalty free song was used at 11:32 does anyone know??
Bhojraj Baswani
Bhojraj Baswani 6 months ago
Digital smash warped
Vicky97Mir 6 months ago
This was the beginning of the most iconic friendship of the whole internet
bassloon 6 months ago
i love julien's face in the background of the thumbnail lol
helanos123 6 months ago
Who else thinks Cristine should have been in escape the night tho
Tea Bag
Tea Bag 6 months ago
sophie langman
sophie langman 6 months ago
I LOVE THAT DEAD MONKEY I used to always ask my mom if I could have it
Lana Hesham
Lana Hesham 6 months ago
Hey my name is Lana!
Eva Mcclory
Eva Mcclory 6 months ago
I have been to that same shopping mall that they were at and it reminded me of amazing crepes and the amazing water fountain they showed.
Camille Cuisine
Camille Cuisine 7 months ago
3:57 "A lot of unicorns have been harmed in the making of my videos" Not with the new unicorn skins! :)
Artzzzy 7 months ago
*At Cheesecake Factory No one: Absolutely no one: Cristine: "wHErE's ThE FaCtoRy??!!"
Anika King
Anika King 7 months ago
Like this video because...Ben.
Bella McDonald
Bella McDonald 7 months ago
Simply:Who has Donald trump and who doesn't 2020:who has boris Johnson and who doesn't
Amaani Mubeen
Amaani Mubeen 8 months ago
You guys don't need babies you got 2million holo babies
MikeVR&IRL Life
MikeVR&IRL Life 9 months ago
2020 anyone
Miss Informed
Miss Informed 9 months ago
Where is the Jenna Marbles and Simply Nailogical colab wee all want, deserve and NEED?!
cara mullen
cara mullen 10 months ago
I have gone through all of these videos just PRAYING that one day she and jenna would meet!
C Harleck
C Harleck 11 months ago
We have giant spoons in Canada Duncan Bc
meriam 11 months ago
Julien in the thumbnail always gets me.
Emma Bott
Emma Bott 11 months ago
13:03 - 13:06... Omg never seen that before⚡
Jenny Shen
Jenny Shen 11 months ago
2020 the Jenna and Cristine collab needs to happen!!!!
Trixy Nadia Fitri Sarujih
Anna Louise
Anna Louise Year ago
Ben loves her so much it's so cute
Abby Christ
Abby Christ Year ago
AL ALI Year ago
Still waiting for a collaboration with jenna💔
Jay zee
Jay zee Year ago
Everyone wants you and jenna to do a video together. You guys are fantastic and I could see you being friends. Lol
Hannah Gs
Hannah Gs Year ago
I need a Jenna and Cristine collab
animal squad
animal squad Year ago
This was posted on my birthday
Jack of Some Trades
how Jenna is excited to see Cristine and Cristine is excited to see Jenna is how most of my friendships are for the most time until we actually talk to each other then realize wewere just slight fans of each other
Laurel MacLeod
Please tell me where you got your holo sneakers!?!?!?
Mele Uzeta
Mele Uzeta Year ago
I love that little smile that Ben has when he was filming Cristine ! He is the best...they really deserve eachother
Mele Uzeta
Mele Uzeta Year ago
Ben is the best BF..you guys need to get married !
Caroline Nielsen
12:56 That's so cute ♥️♥️
Danielle Honey
I watched this is in my HoLo coat .not even lying. 😂
K Year ago
Ben looked better here, when he had a little weight on him. He looks older now that hes so much thinner.
Em San
Em San Year ago
12:58 its so cute when ben smiles because of her sleeping, its mainly because shes finally quiet but still toats adorbs
My Wonderful World
1:15 Beynnnn looks...... Cristine: STOP IT! You have to concentrate...! People wear these kind of things.. we do it FOR THE VIEWS!!! * me * dead😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
My Wonderful World
Anime boys Over real boys
Yeah 4 years ago
ツPotato Year ago
Aww maaaann
Jacquilyn Maerz
liza coshy???? lol
athena Akwenye
Who noticed that she changed her shirt from black to red
janice Ramos
janice Ramos Year ago
12:43 ben looks at cristines you know
crazzi-j north
Why do guys get their nails done nowadays 😂
:p Year ago
Gwen Whitman
Gwen Whitman Year ago
The way Ben looks at and acts towards Cristine makes me so happy, he really loves her 😭😭😭
Julianna Paisley
10:40 who else reacted to that part
Hadeeqa Kashif
1:46 it is dna from BTS playing in the background 😅
Meagan Coffman
Jenna and Cristine are both 30 year old ladieees~ (Jenna sing song voice)
Vi. Scer
Vi. Scer Year ago
I'm still waiting for you and Jenna to collab...
Harlee Ramirez
At 13:01 Ben has such a creeper smile.😱🤣 JK!!🤣
Dani Kat
Dani Kat Year ago
We see you Ben, perving at Xtine boob.....
Dani Kat
Dani Kat Year ago
Do you wanna be my friend? Haha
bhupinder pal Singh
Cristian you look real cute while sleeping
Spela Zanoskar
"WhAt Do YoU tHiNk?"and btw who else is watching this in 2019
Ariana DeLeon
Ariana DeLeon Year ago
Ben just like” let’s go home I just want to go home to menchie”
Isabel Klivansky
13:00 you ca tell ben really loves cristine, u can tell by the way he smiles at the camera when she fell assleep
Maura Kaur
Maura Kaur Year ago
I know try guys and koshy
marilia meliou
Kanenas kipraios??
Lucy Trott
Lucy Trott Year ago
50k + people liked this video because of Beyyn
clara Parson
clara Parson Year ago
they should have youtubers review
Pink Devil
Pink Devil Year ago
I liked this video because Ben
Grace Bauer
Grace Bauer Year ago
🎶back to life/back to reality🎶
Halfpep The Gamer
They said all of the names wrong (the streamys announcer)
blackwolf899 Year ago
Ya’ll really need to do a collab 😣 youre both some of my favorite youtubers
Fighting Fudge
I wonder if you went back in time... and told ben what he would be doing in the future... if he would’ve believed you (You guys are legit my fav youtubecouple!)
Unicorn Glitter
" I wanna go home to Menchie " Aaaawh Ben, so cute !
Paperjam Sans
Paperjam Sans Year ago
Omg I’ve been there so many timesss the
General 666
General 666 Year ago
Okay tbh (not that anyone asked), even if I were famous, I would never want to be nominated or attend these events and meet these amazing people I adore. Just because I hate being around people and attention. Good for them though
Cheryl Ailias
Cheryl Ailias Year ago
Im sad that you're friends with Manny and Nikita. Nikita is the rudest and manny only wants you for your followers.
David Owen
David Owen Year ago
Sandra Nunes
Sandra Nunes Year ago
Ben would totally move to LA. 😂
geeidunno Year ago
"I wanna go home to Menchie." 😭😭💗💗 my heart
Samie and Pets
Duhh Dami
Duhh Dami Year ago
Ben should have a channel called SimplyBenLogical
Gloyworm Year ago
Jac Howl
Jac Howl Year ago
I miss my fur babies just by being out of the house for 30 mins.
Vanessa Ramos
Vanessa Ramos Year ago
Jenna and Cristine fangirling over each other is so pure!
Mya Milroy
Mya Milroy Year ago
thumbs up if u hate trump :)
#rainbow Unicorns Pastel
Omg ben’s smile at 13:01 😂🤣
KrystalKat15 Year ago
Yes Cristine. It is an American custom to eat food with large sliverware
ella Year ago
They said Liza koshy wrong
Cookies18 Year ago
Ben: I wanna go home to Menchie The cutest 😍
Katie Wall
Katie Wall Year ago
Stupid Year ago
Can we just be proud of Cristine that she lost weight in her recent videos! ( of course she was beautiful either way but loosing weight isn't that easy) HOLO QUEEEN
Imogen Ault
Imogen Ault Year ago
Did Ben look at her boobs!! BAD BEN
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