CHIT-CHATTY GET PACKING WITH ME (PR tea, my first holo, and singing you songs) 

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♫And as our livessss changggge, from whatevvvvvvvah, we will still beeeee, holosexuals forevaaaaaah♫
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Apr 21, 2018




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Comments 100   
metalnkpopfan 13 days ago
You sang my favorite childhood songs hahaha thanks simply
pretty B
pretty B 24 days ago
Bens story was so ✨ E N L I G H T E N I N G✨
Mimi K
Mimi K Month ago
Roughly how much she spent on nail polish: $20,000. My maths: according to Google the average nail polish is $5-$20 so im gona middle that out to $10 a bottle. In another video she says she has 1,784 polishes. So 10×1784=17,840. If we include the bottles she has priced over $10 it has to be a minimum of $20,000 on polishes currently on her shelf.
Valeria Valencia
Valeria Valencia 2 months ago
I love how Ben admitted he's given up on Christine's NOTLOGICAL moments. LOL!! They're sweet together. Wish them the best 😊
Tim Olana
Tim Olana 2 months ago
Their relationship is something I admire with their dorkyness and bonding and inside jokes, every couple or relationship has their own way of bonding and I admire theirs because the amount of love shown through very dumb actions and song parodies.
Tim Olana
Tim Olana 2 months ago
I intend to have this relationship with the person I love
Shalott Muse
Shalott Muse 2 months ago
5:24 "Why are all the people who run indie nail polish brands crazy?" Ben..... If only we could tell you where your life is going.....
Jeff Hill
Jeff Hill 3 months ago
If Beyynn dosent like spending time with i would love to spend time with you
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 3 months ago
Poor ben, he has to cover his hiccie (wrong spelling), with his hair
Addison Halverson
Addison Halverson 3 months ago
i saw some holo taco
Bethany Homer
Bethany Homer 4 months ago
Midnight Portal
Midnight Portal 5 months ago
Two years later and yesterday I heard a story about a woman and a snake. The woman found the snake outside in the snow, almost dead and took it inside to warm it up and healed it. Once the snake got better, it bit the woman and she asked why it did it and the snake said, "cause I'm a snake." lol
Tapi CIK
Tapi CIK 5 months ago
Oh how love you guys
Laci DeLuca
Laci DeLuca 5 months ago
i got my first holo nail polish today! and i'm overjoyed to say the least :P
Skull+Butterfly 5 months ago
Cristin(sorry don’t remember how to spell your name gosh Dane it): Why am I a cartoon? CC: Why am I a car dude
Sasha Romero
Sasha Romero 6 months ago
Fun fact I had to do a folk tale for my sign language class. So in ASL i signed the story of the scorpion and the frog.
Laamia Faisal
Laamia Faisal 6 months ago
Ben: *lectures Cristine* Cristine: So wait, are you gonna kill me or what?????!?!!?!?!???!?!? Also Cristine: *nervous laught Love you guys 💝💝💝 Stay safe💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿
Lazy Lavender
Lazy Lavender 6 months ago
Ben could do a story telling podcast to put me to sleep! Such a good story Time voice.
Jazzy Lee
Jazzy Lee 6 months ago
wait I just realised, Bens forehead
tory 6 months ago
“i’m not taking all of these bottles down and then cleaning them and putting them back, i’m only taking them down when i have to move” *2 yrs later* “organizing my 2,000+ nail polishes in rainbow order”
Danielle MacDonald
Danielle MacDonald 6 months ago
And on this episode of extreme hoarders....
Gacha Speed Edits
Gacha Speed Edits 6 months ago
Who is here from the simplymailogical just to see BBBBEEEEEEEEYYYYNNNNNNN's hickey
GoDi on Demand
GoDi on Demand 6 months ago
This video made me turn on a 90s playlist. Go team old suckers haha
floofy booper
floofy booper 7 months ago
so they give you something you didn't ask for and expect you to do something that you don't want to do in return? so..... companies who send pr are basically nice guys...
Scarlett Faye
Scarlett Faye 7 months ago
Cristine: Why am I a cartoon?
#savage !
#savage ! 7 months ago
Sobiya Hasan
Sobiya Hasan 8 months ago
*iTs NoT A pRoblEM AnYmOre*
Platapus 8 months ago
Baked Beans
Baked Beans 8 months ago
I know the woman whose picture it was in the newspaper loool she's my mom's friend
Annalee Cummins
Annalee Cummins 8 months ago
Becca A
Becca A 8 months ago
I ask my brother what he thinks about Cristine and said that he thinks that she’s on crack. I started laughing. He was surprised when I told him that she worked for the government.
Grand holly
Grand holly 8 months ago
I like her description "Stalk me on social media"
Evelyn Avatar
Evelyn Avatar 9 months ago
The nail polish babies are graduating from school I’m going to nail polish University
?? 9 months ago
I have been here for 3 or 4 years
Semantika 9 months ago
Are those HOLO TACO boxes I see on the third shelf...
Anandita Kumari
Anandita Kumari 9 months ago
When she turned to the other camera and said,"siiiiiiiigghhtt"I DIED 😂😂😂😂 Also when BEYYN tried to shush Cristine,I think it looked so cute😍😍
Yoted Cola
Yoted Cola 10 months ago
Whaaat your nail polishes come in boxes? Here in Brazil they’re just wrapped in some plastic shit
hayden uwu
hayden uwu 10 months ago
I’m gonna watch the 20 minute ads to help beyns vacation
BellaTine G
BellaTine G 10 months ago
Lampoon singing part
KaterinaTalantliva 10 months ago
OMG that frog and spider story changed my life!
Chawndel 10 months ago
I never heard that story as a frog, I always heard it as a fox.
lailinshale 10 months ago
Pastel Skies
Pastel Skies 10 months ago
In stead of only mixing your holo nail polish, you should mix all of your nail polishes!
Claire Hawkes
Claire Hawkes 10 months ago
Thing is, always annoys me when ppl are so grateful for the pr . I mean I know they want to show their appreciation for the free stuff but they get all super gushy and it sounds like the company are doing them a massive favour. It would be good if the “industry “ US-first came up with a less emotive way of acknowledging free stuff so it’s more realistic and businesslike.. job for you Ben !! 😉
Maria Hazzard
Maria Hazzard 11 months ago
Ben: goes on long descriptive story that is actually very meaningful Christen: wait r u going to kill me I died
Emo God
Emo God 5 months ago
sapphira21345 AJ
sapphira21345 AJ 11 months ago
Ben: *excited about vacation* Can we???? Cristine: *mean mom* No
sapphira21345 AJ
sapphira21345 AJ 11 months ago
I’d help but I’d probably start crying cause I’d get to meet you
Run away with Me 〈3
Run away with Me 〈3 11 months ago
Ft Ben's head hickey
Beatrice Jackson
Beatrice Jackson 11 months ago
Bens story is from Aesop’s fables THEODD1SOUT THANK YOU
vincecatcher Year ago
My mom asked me if I was watching a video of myself singing... While Christine was singing. God we sound the same hahahahah
God I hate Thomas the tank engine
Ben still has the plunger mark on his head in this
Leanne Weird
Leanne Weird Year ago
I fell in love a little bit more with Ben when he was relating the scorpion and the frog fable to his relationship with Cristine 😍🤣🤣
Corvid_ Nonsense
lets all eat the grass together
Jasy AndTheGuineaPigs
I just rilised you look EXACTLY like my dance teacher!😂
Nicole Hood
Nicole Hood Year ago
Watching this in 2019 when she’s a company owner that sent our PR. Although to be fair it’s clearly obvious that Cristine isn’t interested in the money side of things and is only interested in Holo 😍💖
Ishani Sasdev
Ishani Sasdev Year ago
Why did I think her room was bigger than the length of her shelf?
Layla Jasmine
Layla Jasmine Year ago
Little did she know a year later she would be promoting her own nail polishes 😂
Michelle Szydelko
Ben has a bold spot
Any fake beefs? Like soy?
I_will_comment 01!
Me realising I just watched someone pack nail polish for 13 minutes 😑
Ruby Plant
Ruby Plant Year ago
Rimmel landon-cristine
Møcha Wølf
Møcha Wølf Year ago
Beynn if u need us to send help then breath seven times HE BREATHED SEVEN TIMES SENNNDDDD HELPPPOPPPPP
Lxmonade_Tee Year ago
me: trying to find something on the shelves my dad: starts telling a story 6:20 me: ....wait wut 6:42
Makayla Callicott
Patty F
Patty F Year ago
Ben's story was terrible
-Gacha Tree-
-Gacha Tree- Year ago
Holez in the shelvez uwu
Rebeca S
Rebeca S Year ago
That scorpion story got me at the end 😆
Ssul C
Ssul C Year ago
Wat is pr
Alyssa Welch
Alyssa Welch Year ago
How weird would it be if you were the one to move into this new house and there was just this weird massive shelf and polish stains all over the floor ( not saying she gets polish on the floor but there has to be stain or two)
Ashley Shore
Ashley Shore Year ago
nope.pretty sure christine you gave ben the face hicky because you pulled it off his forehead soooo that was all you
tay_tay_tm Year ago
My boyfriend had to look up tearing up my heart and listen to it after Cristine started to sing it. He started to bop his heart 🤦‍♂️
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown Year ago
Do a 24 hours in Starbucks Like so she can see
Riot3 Year ago
at 5 minutes Ben asked why all indie nail polish company owners are crazy.. fast forward to now.. still true lol
Ellie hehe
Ellie hehe Year ago
Julia Blackwell
I'd help you pack!
Azza Shaik
Azza Shaik Year ago
I have already watched this video so many times just to hear the singing
kale Year ago
Imagine if the last video she ever posts will be called “Finally Taking Down The Shelf’s”
Mariah Zimmerman
Why is it that artists can have a TON of art supplies but when a nail artist has a TON of nail polish they get judged?
Nydalian Year ago
Is that why she stopped using simply peel?
Deactivated Angel
No it’s because she doesn’t do nail art anymore
Truly Ari
Truly Ari Year ago
have you ever noticed that ben barely ever speaks directly to the camera? he usually talks to cristine instead. 🤔
Please try dolo watermarble nail polish
punjabn Girl
punjabn Girl Year ago
I just got realized that why u nd ben dont marry bcz u film every single sec of ur life with more then 4 cam at a time nd u dont have fucking time to have sex
MegaMeg Games
MegaMeg Games Year ago
Who else heard Ben ask about the scorpion and the frog and immediately flashed back to Emilie Autumn warbling about them?
cassandra l
cassandra l Year ago
On a side note....I was thinking to my self... what if she doesnt even like holo anymore but shes so widely known for it and it's her brand that she cant stop liking it.
cassandra l
cassandra l Year ago
Lmfaooooooo omg Ben's story. Cristines face. Why have only just started watching you.
angelofdusk13 Year ago
I actually would help you pack if I didn't live in Arizona. Ottawa is quite a ways away.
Hun Year ago
How did I know the shade name was holographic?
weee Year ago
Jesus I never realised how much polish u have holy crapp
A Grisha Reader
Plot twist she stopped getting pr/advertising pr beacause she was starting her own polish brand
Nellysa Hernandez
2018 Ben: "Why are all the people who run indie nail companies crazy?" 2019 *Holo Taco appears *
JHolmes 6 months ago
You're just proving the Ben's point here. And I love it.
Chawndel 10 months ago
He knew it was coming at the time of filming this video, so now it's even funnier!
Lucy Taylor
Lucy Taylor Year ago
Nellysa Hernandez well I mean Cristine is crazy haha
Hunter Ellis King
I want Ben to set up an asmr channel where he just retells old fairy tales/old wives tales - The Scorpion and The Frog is one of my faves and he told it so nicely lmao 💕
Stefanie Hadi
Stefanie Hadi Year ago
7:01 you're the 🦂, Cristine
David Ribeiro
David Ribeiro Year ago
5:20 Oh, I finally get Ben's comment here. Not as random as it looked. Lol
Leah T
Leah T Year ago
Cristine’s pace in the beginning gave me anxiety
Isobel Akroyd
Isobel Akroyd Year ago
The scorpion and the frog is like the fox and the gingerbread man
sarah lee beauty
when ben started telling that frog scorpion story it just reminded me of julien and jenna
Jenna G.
Jenna G. Year ago
I think Ben listens to Wookiefoot.
alicia Year ago
The graduation song was ACTUALLY my graduation song
stacey noye
stacey noye Year ago
whos here in 2019 also nice hickey ben
Dganit Eger
Dganit Eger Year ago
5:20 Is Ben shading Holo Taco?
Morganite Gem
Morganite Gem Year ago
Nail polish is the most expensive liquid by the gallon in the world. But nobody realizes it because each bottle is only a few ounces each