Behind the Scenes of My Funeral! (Threadbanger Holoween vlog 2018) 

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What would you leave on my grave? Comment below!! :)
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Oct 21, 2018




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Comments 100   
Jessica Hazzard
Jessica Hazzard 2 days ago
I would leave a bottle of holo taco and some TEA
A.J. Millo
A.J. Millo 10 days ago
Okay but 2020 Cristine would be able to carry that coffin, easy
Bradley Byrne
Bradley Byrne 24 days ago
Ben: Were not confident on opening and closing it so if you get in and it shuts, it’s not gonna be opened again Cristine: comprehends on purpose?
Amy L
Amy L Month ago
We she was bowling, she bowls and ends in a curling slide. A true Canadian XD
Ava Perry
Ava Perry Month ago
2020 anyone
chumg chia
chumg chia Month ago
OH MY GOD this would be so inapropriate to film in Asia never thought I would see a casket-boxing and a test-lye in it on US-first
Yummy Toes
Yummy Toes Month ago
never give cristine your address, she’ll ship $600 worth of glitter to and then a truck.
bryan oliva
bryan oliva Month ago
Beka Kighuradze
Beka Kighuradze Month ago
pubg mobile
gacha wolfy
gacha wolfy Month ago
I would leave tea and Holo taco nail polish and maybe a pair of sweatpants.
Pure Trash
Pure Trash Month ago
NC is where I live :>
It's Me
It's Me 2 months ago
Corinne used hand sanitizer before corona this was futuristic XD
The Child
The Child 2 months ago
Other title: 4 idiots subtly bully 1, much worse idiot for 18 minutes
Jana Suthers
Jana Suthers 2 months ago
is it just me or does anyone else think Cristine should be buried with her peely bag?
Stephanie Bloomfield
ware were you doing 9 11 19 years ago
Putri Manarina
Putri Manarina 2 months ago
I really miss you four together😔 The ThreadLogical family 😍
JIMIN - Topic
JIMIN - Topic 2 months ago
Cristine the science queen Can you tell how to grow holoplant?
Janna Schulte
Janna Schulte 3 months ago
Its not a great Ida but a grave Ida
Joyce 3 months ago
Imagine if the greatest US-firstrs saw this... "Girl opens and closes a Coffin"
Katherine Massetti
Katherine Massetti 3 months ago
you guys should have stayed and went to nashville!
Arts and crafts sisters Sis
This video made me cry my grandmother died 😭😢😢
Athena Playz
Athena Playz 3 months ago
When you are just two hours from Cristine! LOl
Ruby Lucero
Ruby Lucero 4 months ago
nobody: Rob: I want to be eaten
CityKatter 4 months ago
The "what do you think" meme is just a white screen and screaming
Marina Kafatou
Marina Kafatou 4 months ago
are we just gonna ignore the fact that theres a second tombstone by cristine at 15:14 ????
Cam Chau Nguyen
Cam Chau Nguyen 4 months ago
What have i learned: Cristine and Corinne are super good at bowling 🎳
Ava Cunningham
Ava Cunningham 5 months ago
danishpastrys 5 months ago
Biggest bunch of losers iv ever had seen
Claud And Stuff
Claud And Stuff 5 months ago
We need more Ben
Anonymous 5 months ago
omg! Cristines alive!
birds eye chilis
birds eye chilis 5 months ago
"Pretend you're Safiya for a second and take this seriously" Love those two's friendships so much. Have seen some references of one another like in the giant sock video and some of Saf's video and as an avid Saf-Cristine lover these moments made me so happy🖤
Madison Doerr
Madison Doerr 5 months ago
"pretend you're safiya and takes this seriously" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Honestly though I love the six of theirs friendship and how it's not just for US-first.
Daniela N
Daniela N 6 months ago
‘I have no upper body strength’ ... And now you lift weights ❤️
czarne stopy
czarne stopy 6 months ago
I wanna be friends with the Uber driver
Jamie Zielinski
Jamie Zielinski 6 months ago
All the jokes after rob died is so morbid, but it also works after that happened to him because it seems like your coping mechanism joking personality. Still funny 😂😅 came here again after watching US-first Collabs from simplypodlogical
Meca Piyapant
Meca Piyapant 6 months ago
Abigail Small
Abigail Small 6 months ago
Who Knew this would be useful in 2020
Scarlett Betz
Scarlett Betz 6 months ago
❤ your friendship
Emu Nebula
Emu Nebula 6 months ago
Oddly I want to now purchase my own coffin just to sleep in . looks comfy
musical_potato potato
I have the urg to be able to dislike somebody's dislike on a youtubr video
A Random Trans Kid
A Random Trans Kid 6 months ago
weird thought but I would love to sleep in a coffin lol it just looks so comfy
Panayiotis Soultanis
People in 20(💁‍♂️) be like... Wtf ? Did they really buried her in this ? 😿🤣🤣🤣 (hey people from (I don't know ) we love you...🥰🤣)
•SunSetFriday •
•SunSetFriday • 6 months ago
She’s flexing on use on how many times she goes on planes TvT
thenunnery 6 months ago
Cristen: bowling is a dangerous Also me breaking a tow In hockey
Flowerii Skies!
Flowerii Skies! 6 months ago
What’s you favorite emoji? Mines the horn store 🏤
Bilbo Bigguns
Bilbo Bigguns 6 months ago
Nail Polish
Maja Najdzionska
Maja Najdzionska 6 months ago
Legend has it there's still holo on the ground today
eric Is dumb
eric Is dumb 6 months ago
Aubrey Chaides
Aubrey Chaides 6 months ago
We are gonna need another one of these Cristine.
eric Is dumb
eric Is dumb 6 months ago
Yes we do
Kariann Thompson
Kariann Thompson 6 months ago
No one like no one: Rob: I want to be eaten
Celia Friesen
Celia Friesen 6 months ago
I love how rob is like Cristine's crazy older brother.
Danielle Nicole Myers
i don't know brian the uber driver but i trust him and i don't say that about many men
OLIVIA DEPPE 7 months ago
ben + taxes can you think of a better ship ? exactly you cant
salt shaker
salt shaker 7 months ago
ben is ligit dead
Emma Arnadottir
Emma Arnadottir 7 months ago
You know I was actually struggling to yawn while watching this for like a good 5 minutes because I couldn’t stop laughing
Sara Ali
Sara Ali 7 months ago
loose tea and starbucks cups with your holotaco brand polishes x
Stqrrdvstedx 7 months ago
When I heard them say ‘DIY grave robbers’ I thought of *ItS nOt A pRoBLem AnYmORe*
Ella Mar
Ella Mar 7 months ago
I was watching your old videos again and then saw this one. Where is the coffin now?
Han Su
Han Su 7 months ago
12:15 "i have no upper body strength, heeeelp!" oh little did she know...
Youmna El Idrissi
Youmna El Idrissi 7 months ago
"I have no upper body strength" Look at her now
ThatOne BandKid
ThatOne BandKid 7 months ago
When you find out some of your favorite youtubers live only 30 minutes away from you 😂
Epsilon_Melody Gacha
May be funny for most people but this wasn’t funny for me because my grandpa died on x-max and my cousin died at work so the few hours he had left of work we’re actually the few hours he had left of his life
Julia the Equestrian
Vinesh Ram
Vinesh Ram 7 months ago
**cue the coffin dance song**
StomBear Beatz
StomBear Beatz 7 months ago
there wearing there roots merch
RockstarSkyZoomer 7 months ago
So no ones surprised at how well cristine can bowl
König Gloria
König Gloria 7 months ago
17:9 Broo those dance moves tho.Next ep of simplypodlogical:How did Cristine learn to dance
Zoë Nightshade
Zoë Nightshade 7 months ago
He doesn’t Internet enough
Rylee ML
Rylee ML 7 months ago
It’s good to know that other bowling alleys have those 2000s style animations😂😂
sophie gavaza
sophie gavaza 7 months ago
why was there no tea on her grave stone
Nikita 8 months ago
0:27 Ben has the most precious smile OH MY GOD
Tab4 Account
Tab4 Account 8 months ago
Did they actually have graves in the backyard tho not the simply one the other ones
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 8 months ago
When the what do you think thing came on I was half asleep and so I jumped and dropped my phone 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 8 months ago
Then I whisper screamed freak you cristine
Constellations 8 months ago
Hey remember when covid19 didn't exist
Caprice Tjandra
Caprice Tjandra 8 months ago
I always chip my nail when I play bowling :3
Pheonix Bennett
Pheonix Bennett 8 months ago
omg can u imagine if u were an uber driver and u were picking someone up and Cristine and Ben got in the car??
Amaani Mubeen
Amaani Mubeen 8 months ago
Olivia Ana Marginean
Have fun before you die That's what she seed
JC 8 months ago
I kinda wish they did a zombie emerging from a grave bit in front of Cristine’s headstone 🤣 At least a hand popping out
JC 8 months ago
Omg this was amazing 🤣
Moonlight Draws
Moonlight Draws 8 months ago
Omg you are very close to Tennesse i really wish i could meet you
Andrea Productions
Andrea Productions 8 months ago
if u would ever die i will leave ur peelie bag besides u.
bigsexy84 bigsexy84
bigsexy84 bigsexy84 8 months ago
OMG I live close to Asheville
Ellis Mallett
Ellis Mallett 8 months ago
I live in the smoky mountains and they are in Idaho..🤪
soy el comentario en español q buscabas like si lo soy
Dabi and toga gotcha
You can get anything shipped to your house these days : said by girl number two because I can’t spell her name Me: so a penis?
Dabi and toga gotcha
Holo shut the fuck up! Jk I love hello I am a hollow sexual
I would leave wry single holo thing you own on your grave in an unbreakable holo glass case 😊 😊 😊
Layla bee and cebe Bloom
Megan Rasmus
Megan Rasmus 9 months ago
"Guys, we can't show body's on US-first!" "Logan did it"
Malek Karim
Malek Karim 9 months ago
why is it weird when cristine shows us the map at 0:41 and am so used to her going to LA and not somewhere else
Katherine Church
Katherine Church 9 months ago
Well where's the escape room video?!
Dog Lover
Dog Lover 9 months ago
Am I the only person who is wondering where the peely base coat is?
Kawaii Potato’s Random Channel thing
14:24 when Cristine said that I legit laughed so loudly she sounds so distressed lol
killus boiii
killus boiii 10 months ago
I'd leave all the tea
Laneisha Bennett
Laneisha Bennett 10 months ago
How were you able to purchase a coffin? Majority of places will only deliver to a funeral home.
Ang Monty
Ang Monty 10 months ago
Sitara Amanullah
Sitara Amanullah 10 months ago
Why don't u go to Alberta Calgary over their there is a same girl just like you
Rylekent McArthur Abellano
Roben for life yaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!
Monday Mornings
Monday Mornings 10 months ago
*rob life number one*
Kayla Golin
Kayla Golin 10 months ago
50 years ago there was a women named Christine and she loved holo until one day she was playing with holo and ate too much and died. Once she was dead she became a ghost and made sure that the next generation of Christines would not have a h for her hate/love of holo.