Baking a CAKE with NAIL POLISH 

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Sep 18, 2016




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Supertastic girl
Supertastic girl 7 days ago
sOmeoNe please tEll me the music used at 7:06 ty :3
A. Trace
A. Trace 12 days ago
Martha Stewart she is not.
Olive D
Olive D Month ago
I’m going to make a random guess here and assume that Ben is the one who does all of the cooking.. lol 😂
ᗰᗩᗪI ᑭᗴᖇᗴᘔ
Christine is literally me in the kitchen... and I wanna be a baker when I grow up...
bidisha maitra
bidisha maitra Month ago
cristine just being cristine for 10 minutes straight
silke meinert
silke meinert Month ago
Karis x
Karis x 2 months ago
ben teach me how to do taxes please
sugarbee 2 months ago
Cristine isn’t lazy she’s just protecting her nails. Duh
Laura Carthew
Laura Carthew 2 months ago
Cristine is really 5 years old but dances like an 80 year old lol.
K 2 months ago
Cristine-"I'm tired let's just film ben baking"
violet cherriez
violet cherriez 2 months ago
I feel like people who can’t cook should literally drop off the face of the earth cuz why are u even here
ᴛᴏxɪᴄ ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛ
How is watching this in the virus
Kim Boyer
Kim Boyer 3 months ago
You should do a roulette russe and tell him there's really gross things on the plate, but really it's just good.
bash 3 months ago
rip thicc Ben 😢
Esther Pineiro
Esther Pineiro 3 months ago
i like how alot of the time you can tell bens trying to ignore cristines bull sh*t
ElleMSP Vlogs
ElleMSP Vlogs 4 months ago
They should do a banana cake 😂😂😂
Anonymous 5 months ago
the title should be: *Ben bake's a cake with Nail polish while i just watch*
Arish P.
Arish P. 5 months ago
i come from the FUTURE video where they bake this again
Jasmine EDGERTON 5 months ago
Baking and cooking are not the same thing baking is non-savery and cooking is savery if you don't know what this means ask Ben because I am NOT bothered to explain this to an adult who does not know how to turn on a oven
Cami P
Cami P 3 months ago
If you're going to criticize others learn how to spell. It's spelled savory, not savery. Cristine's an adult who doesn't need impolite children without comprehension of what is relevant and what is not telling her what to do. Also, if you aren't bothered to explain it to Cristine, why did you explain it?
Marina Medina
Marina Medina 5 months ago
Anyone else who feels a little awkward every time Ben looks at the camera, because you feel like an actual guest in their house? xD
PeyPey9000 5 months ago
make banana bread
Jenny M
Jenny M 5 months ago
@simplybenlogica you are really great and calm at showing folks how you're baking a cake. Did you work through school as a tutor?
Jenny M
Jenny M 5 months ago
Holy shit - you have great knives!
Elias Amity
Elias Amity 5 months ago
christine 2016: i hate vegetables christine 2020: i love brussel sprouts because i'm disgusting
happiestoutdoors 5 months ago
2016 Cristine: I hate vegetables 2020 Cristine: Posts roasted veggie bowls on IG Stories every damn day
Jemand Blablablup
Jemand Blablablup 5 months ago
Christine is like a little kid annoying it's mom in this video
Isha Shah
Isha Shah 5 months ago
I’m sorry I laughed so hard when he ate the cake.
Brianne H
Brianne H 5 months ago
I love you to DEATH, Cristine, but Ben literally does everything for you in every video I see. I can even see you yelling for Ben after you’re done taking a shit, for God’s sake! 🤣🤣 Girl, get it together. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol jk I love you!
Ariana Smith
Ariana Smith 6 months ago
Does ben cook every meal?
Sophieslazy 6 months ago
Too baaaad, the basic cake seemed so nice!
Ornela kani
Ornela kani 6 months ago
ok now give me my cake
Laamia Faisal
Laamia Faisal 6 months ago
“Life is too short to let cakes cool” ~Cristine Raquel Rotenberg Love you guys💝💿💝💿💝💿💝
mica bbb
mica bbb 6 months ago
The dance 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Izzibee The destroyer
True love
Bien Adams
Bien Adams 6 months ago
5:00 Christine hates bens mom
Citrine 6 months ago
Cristine is me when i was five and my mom was cooking in the kitchen-
Haylill Li
Haylill Li 6 months ago
Who is here at 2020?😂
Anna Pruitt
Anna Pruitt 6 months ago
LMAO THE CARROT just STICKING OUT of the cake hahahahaha why are there no comments about that
Gih Mello
Gih Mello 6 months ago
Ben: *peelin' carrots* Cristine: *le doin' motivational good vibe sacred dance*
Makyah G
Makyah G 6 months ago
Anyone here 2020 🤣
O Keates
O Keates 6 months ago
"You've got to be subscribed to enter" everyone unsubs
alexishere 6 months ago
I think cristine made a reference to Possibly in Michigan whether it was purposely or not
BubbleMilkTea 7 months ago
Cocain! Ben opens it and some of it comes out in the air *inhales* your getting high! XD
Mikayla Gill
Mikayla Gill 7 months ago
Only the best content during quarantine
WolvesandComics 101
WolvesandComics 101 7 months ago
This video should be title “Ben baking a cake with nail polish while Christen bothers him”.
emma birnbaum
emma birnbaum 7 months ago
Who’s here in 2020 apr 22 at 6:19 eastern time
Charity Klarich
Charity Klarich 7 months ago
Christine you and Safiya need to make a lipstick and nail polish cake.
Jennifer Venkat
Jennifer Venkat 7 months ago
aww, it's so cute when they dance together :)
Jennifer Venkat
Jennifer Venkat 7 months ago
you guys should do the cinnamon challenge next
Jennifer Venkat
Jennifer Venkat 7 months ago
8:32 #YOLO
Jennifer Venkat
Jennifer Venkat 7 months ago
glossy tacos = tacos with tons of nacho cheese on them that make them look shiny ... gosh, now I'm hungry :(
Courtney J
Courtney J 7 months ago
i love cake
Lil__ Otaku :3
Lil__ Otaku :3 8 months ago
No ones going to talk about bens dad glowup?
Wynonna Villafania
Wynonna Villafania 8 months ago
she literally just talk in the whole video!!! Cristineeee!!! You are so adorable!!! 😂
yetunde obassa
yetunde obassa 8 months ago
Hahahaha that's a lesson
Doggy days Forever
Doggy days Forever 8 months ago
It’s okay I don’t know how to use a spatula
CupcakeLyrics 8 months ago
What is this thing I call life 🤣🤣🤣
Angela Litz
Angela Litz 8 months ago
Cristine seemed particularly aggressive towards Ben most of this episode lol like when a girl just remembers something from 2 weeks that she was mad at her bf for and she can't say she's mad about it because that would be psycho so instead she's gotta lay the passive aggression on real thick Edited because Cristine without an H
A.A. Lynx
A.A. Lynx 8 months ago
4:22 was essentially dad and momlogical being dissapointed in themselves. They looked like parents who just found their kids drawing on the walls
Bizzcuit 8 months ago
Are there no polish people or is everyone going to let slide the fact that Beyyn mentioned Masterchef
aya khaled
aya khaled 9 months ago
ben:we are making carrot cake wich is a pretty forward recipe me:does it everyday for my family as an 11 year old
Chawndel 9 months ago
Ben is such a trooper!
Angela Won
Angela Won 9 months ago
This was the first video I’ve ever saw of Cristine and that time...I thought she was so annoying. Look where I am now, binging her channel and loving her so much. Ilysm ❤️
Anandita Kumari
Anandita Kumari 9 months ago
"Eat it,you only live once" I died😂😂😂😂
Shruti Suman
Shruti Suman 9 months ago
I hate people who dont know how to cook and pretend that its cool.
Kailey Boomsma
Kailey Boomsma 9 months ago
Who won the giveaway???
Hayley Mah
Hayley Mah 10 months ago
i get the vibes of an annoying little sister interrupting her older brother’s school project lol
Rexer Guy
Rexer Guy 10 months ago
Cooking and baking are NOT the same!!!
madi_person_ 10 months ago
5:45 little did he know
Ashlee Kerr
Ashlee Kerr 11 months ago
Nail polish is flipping flammable
Erika Renne
Erika Renne 11 months ago
He makes the cake bakes a cake clean up after baking the cake Frost the cake and Cut the Cake and you're still going to make him eat it
C Harleck
C Harleck 11 months ago
Baking is cooking Dessert and cooking is making supper lunch or Breakfast
Silver Tune
Silver Tune 11 months ago
I know I’m three years late but please make Ben eat a delicious three layer German chocolate cake cause he needs a break
Silver Tune
Silver Tune 11 months ago
Everyone send this to Rosanna pansino if she hasn’t already
Silver Tune
Silver Tune 11 months ago
Aka: Ben being done with cristine for 10 minutes
Annabelle Gill
Annabelle Gill 11 months ago
My mouth is watering heaps from this what a bummer I can’t eat it
CocinaDeBelleza 11 months ago
Back when you were poor! So cute! Wow you look better now. And that never happens!
Peachy 101
Peachy 101 11 months ago
Menchi looks like she's too used to the crazy stuff her mum makes her do...
Dark Cookiequeen
Dark Cookiequeen 11 months ago
The cake actually looked good I’m surprised it tasted bad
Amithist Rock
Amithist Rock 11 months ago
Poor Ben he needs a vacation 👍💝
black_Ninja 11 months ago
Have you ever been in a kitchen before🤨😂
Chasity Smith
Chasity Smith 11 months ago
Got join in on the baking and make a dessert pizza
RANDOM UNI-KITTY 11 months ago
Is he eating soap!!!!! 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
Random musical trash
See's the title wait so poisoning Ben for 10 minutes
Grace Newton
Grace Newton Year ago
Anyone come from 2019?
mahnoor vlogs
mahnoor vlogs Year ago
Wasnt it simply nail logical
CuteToad Year ago
I love that Americans didn't know "expiry" is a word. It is very much a word. Sincerely, An American with a decent education in the English language
MI Clips country
I feel so bad for the cats.
Miles Main
Miles Main Year ago
Lipstick cake doooooo itttttt plzzzzz
Basma Soukrati
Ben: *Being a master Baker* Cristine: *Fucking around in the kitchen* I just love these two😂❤️
Taylor Williams
7:54 who is here when glossy taco is actually a thing
ZoeVlogging Year ago
Cristine: I don't want to it looks dangerous! I'm out! Also Cristine: *banging a knife on the counter*
Meggie Year ago
Cristine is the julien in this relationship Extremely chaotic
Ms. Mincer
Ms. Mincer Year ago
4:59 Cristine is such a boomer
Concepcion Adame
Ava :P
Ava :P Year ago
When Ben try’s to bake with Cristine 3:05
its me your lover
When į saw The how 80 year old ppl dancing į had to turn the video off bc į cant watch funny things and then į went tothe hospital
Lizz Keiper
Lizz Keiper Year ago
He loves her so much, and she needs him so bad :D
Kayla Year ago
After 3 years later of this video being uploaded I’m crying, coughing and dying of laughter right now! xDDD
Sůnfłøwer Đęmøn
She says glossy taco at least 2 times per vid. WTH IS A GLOSSY TACOOOO???
Alice Snellings
I'm a Mobile Game