A fan tells my boyfriend to SHUT UP! | Simplymailogical #6 

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Today we open your mail and Ben gets roasted!
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May 17, 2017




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Comments 100   
Alexa jensen
Alexa jensen Month ago
I was playing with my gecko and he stepped on my phone while I was watching US-first and he clicked on your video I think he’s great tasting In videos
Karla Andreasen
Karla Andreasen Month ago
Omg that Rick roll was brilliant
Kathy Turman
Kathy Turman Month ago
Haha Katie’s dad sounds like my dad 😂
Risheek Gupta
Risheek Gupta Month ago
At 1:46 when she said 'Ben's banana', I almost died laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lillian Blottie
Lillian Blottie Month ago
who is watching this in 2020
SaraHRdz49 Month ago
This is so cute 🥺💖
Rod Smith
Rod Smith Month ago
If you can do polish mountin you can open mail for 8 hours on camra
Marzie YO
Marzie YO 2 months ago
I was gonna move to canada anyway... :)
Holly Ward
Holly Ward 2 months ago
Ok the whole “coming out” thing it’s funny I’m Non-binary and I literally got kick out of my house when I was 14
JIMIN - Topic
JIMIN - Topic 2 months ago
2:42 Beware! There's a SKULL
JIMIN - Topic
JIMIN - Topic 2 months ago
Jaide B
Jaide B 3 months ago
I’m 11 and Christine says you have to do so many chores well my chores are watching all your vids and I don’t get paid I have to ask for money it works but like I don’t get paid for my essential chore
Honoura Mulvihill
Honoura Mulvihill 3 months ago
Shipping would be real free if I wanted to send her anythng
Pure Trash
Pure Trash 3 months ago
you know- I get a dollar a dog walk when I'm at my aunts house. ;>; Not to show off just wanted to say
Pure Trash
Pure Trash 3 months ago
My name is katelyn but spelled wrong just like cristine with no H my name is kaitlan
jeni Judd
jeni Judd 3 months ago
"hey mom I'm holosexual" "go to bed"
Deina Leigh Campos
Deina Leigh Campos 3 months ago
Okay we all know where cristine store her peely bag but where does she store the peelys of the the fans??
Tsukki but a girl
Tsukki but a girl 3 months ago
"If you strike me down now, I will return, far more powerful than you could ever imagine." -Obi Wan Kenobi, A New Hope I cant believe she doesn't know that one. its almost as iconic as the "hello there" from ROTS
Famishedbat 4 months ago
Dose any one know what cups she uses with straws
Eve Midura
Eve Midura 4 months ago
Ok the Rick Astley song tho ahahaaha
Lily Bull
Lily Bull 4 months ago
I will recycle that joke to use on my friends
kardia 75
kardia 75 4 months ago
Artemis Fowl is actually fun thooo XD I teach High school Computer Science now and I loved those books when I was younger
Boo Spookytime
Boo Spookytime 4 months ago
Not even kidding, I paused the video and said "ain't no holoback gurl" then played it and Ben said the same thing... 😶
Jayla Kassaby
Jayla Kassaby 4 months ago
Wanna hear a funny joke? Okay... BEEEYYYN! shut the f**** up
Tharini Palanichamy
Tharini Palanichamy 5 months ago
13.41 Cristine:How do you know thats fancy? Ben:I know some shit Me:Then how the heck do you think he does TAXES CRISTINE?!
strawberryystarz aj
strawberryystarz aj 5 months ago
its prob a good thing my mom is allergic to cats because i would have at least 100, but when i move out....
Alexander LeBlanc
Alexander LeBlanc 5 months ago
You should read all the Artemis Fowl books you cowards, they absolutely slap and the covers are pretty
daniela arreola
daniela arreola 5 months ago
Why do these videos make me so happy?
rimona maad
rimona maad 5 months ago
im crysexual and holosexual and im proud
StormFrost17 Games
StormFrost17 Games 5 months ago
Me wanting to buy the hoodie- also me realizing this video is three years old
Aubrey Schnitz
Aubrey Schnitz 5 months ago
Their is Obviously a favorite kid
TalCanDraw !!
TalCanDraw !! 5 months ago
When it’s past may 21st 😭😭😢
its me your lover
its me your lover 5 months ago
Roses are red Violets are blue The thing your lokking for is 19:50
Marie De Lange
Marie De Lange 6 months ago
Ryan Gosling should take Ben on a date😍😍
Baked Beanz
Baked Beanz 6 months ago
“I ain’t no holoback girl” -Ben (this needs to be a new merch idea 😆)
Gracie Pop
Gracie Pop 6 months ago
12:49 Byyynnn its Holo 💿 Me: its not even a book anymore its just Holo 💿
Alise Dreyer
Alise Dreyer 6 months ago
When you said “annalise and Kathleen”, I actually got scared bc my name is Alise and my moms name is Kathleen, and I have never sent you anything (sadly)
Bree Layden
Bree Layden 6 months ago
Welcome to the comments! It’s safe here But we have an couple rules. One. No hate on anybody in the comments or in the video. Two. Don’t make up things to get likes Three. Don’t abuse our kindness That’s all just follow these three rules and you can be protected and be happy here Ps. We have cookies and cake
Savannah Wilson
Savannah Wilson 6 months ago
im cry at 19:15 menchie slow blinks at cristine. that's a sign of love in cats. she loves her mom even when shes being weird lol
Cute cats and may
Cute cats and may 6 months ago
My name is probably really weird to spell. Charleigh-May. Who else spells charleigh like that. E even my nickname they get wrong. May I don’t have a clue how they get that wrong
Fanders Sides
Fanders Sides 6 months ago
I just want to say, it’s a little creepy that people are sending their hair or their cats hair. Like it’s *your* hair or cat hair.
Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith 6 months ago
when I saw the "nail charms" toy for the first time I read "nail crime" and I suspect that it will fit better as soon as you test it
dianuhhh 6 months ago
at the beginning, the klutz kit...i used to have that...it didn’t help me i learned from my mom, that kit sucks 😂
Ashley Greenwood
Ashley Greenwood 6 months ago
i bet that girl arella's private snapchat story name now is "arella-vent"
Maggie Goldberg
Maggie Goldberg 6 months ago
I’ve read the Artemis Fowl series! They are amazing!
Flech 6 months ago
umm is it weird that there is 911 dislikes Should I be scared
Anonymous Channel
Anonymous Channel 6 months ago
12:40 Ayyy i used to read artemis fowl (my mom forced me to read wen i was a kid and this was the book i chose) It’s about this boy named Artemis who’s a genius 12- year old spy (or 13 i forgot). I don’t remember much other than his parents are dead (or I think he found out that his dad isn’t dead in later books), idk if holly the captain fairy leprechaun is an actual enemy or ally she confuses me sometimes and he has a side kick butler. That’s all I remember.
Slime Soccer
Slime Soccer 6 months ago
1:13 did she just....... Rick roll over 3 million people?
Izzabella Otto
Izzabella Otto 7 months ago
who else is watching in 2020 and at 5:32 than think of tiger will she be the next corale basken
Panda Games
Panda Games 7 months ago
There are 911 dislikes on this video. That’s all.
Kinners Winners
Kinners Winners 7 months ago
I have that joinel but in a different colors
Michael Million
Michael Million 7 months ago
isn’t it illegal to send money over mail
Tessa Cacciapouti
Tessa Cacciapouti 7 months ago
Who here from the death days of 2020
Runas_bitch _
Runas_bitch _ 7 months ago
14:43 menchie: gives up on life..hahahahahahahha jk she gave up a long time ago...prly at polish mountain😂
Menchie :D
Menchie :D 7 months ago
Am I the only one with a holo cupcake
Glacies.Yin 7 months ago
12:08 that's like book three of a 9-book series. It's a good series if you read it in order. No there is no movie, I don't know what you're talking about.
c l a m s
c l a m s 7 months ago
Cristine: "You should be a youtuber." Ben: "No." Me:but bentendo...?
Ellena Waddington
Ellena Waddington 7 months ago
you know Cristine, they sell washi tape at the staples in Glouster ON.
pupper lover
pupper lover 7 months ago
I think the only thing that made Ben happy was the Tyler hoodie and the bannana
Nana M
Nana M 7 months ago
I need to see your nail polish collection! 😭🥺
Amy Verduzco
Amy Verduzco 8 months ago
i love this episode lmao
My new art Journey
My new art Journey 8 months ago
In 2021: Simply Nailogical: what’s nail art
• kxkruki •
• kxkruki • 8 months ago
wen ur 2 years late and u can't get the merch anymore ;(
It’s just Melody and Sarah
Ben shut the f*ck up Me:copies Me then realizes that Christine is more talkative then Ben 😂 Me again in a tough voice BEN SHUT THE F*CK UP! *dies*
Spongebob Squarenails
i hate school but i know i shouldnt drop out and start making youtube videos lmao
Khlo 0509
Khlo 0509 8 months ago
Roses are red violets or blue 1 have 5 fingers and the midlle one is for you
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Ozzy, Honey and me! 6 months ago
Khlo 0509
Khlo 0509 8 months ago
Hope you like it simply nailogical JK
RJ Rose
RJ Rose 8 months ago
That's actually a really good book series.
Chelsie Wetterhus
Chelsie Wetterhus 8 months ago
To all the people who think 20 is old..., 🤦‍♀️
chinmayee jeyapriya
chinmayee jeyapriya 8 months ago
This is were “Ben, Shut the fu*k up” was originated it.
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Ozzy, Honey and me! 6 months ago
This is were? What?
Jasmine Rudd
Jasmine Rudd 8 months ago
Poor Ben “shut the fuck up”
Aerial 07
Aerial 07 8 months ago
While I was watching this I was eating a banana oh wait I’m still watching this at the moment lol😂✨ILY CHRISTINE😍IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO SAY THIS BEYNNNNN😂
Barbora Urbankova
Barbora Urbankova 8 months ago
I read that book. It's not as silly as it sounds
SølarFlare 8 months ago
On Beeeyyns sweater it looks like Zylers eyeing the banana
Platapus 8 months ago
does anyone else want to see her pencil to paper art skills?
Maddie Herring
Maddie Herring 8 months ago
I used to have one of those holo scratch and sketch things, I totally forgot about that and now I wonder where it went, I’m going to look for it now😂
ART__PALLET 8 months ago
I have the same holo book
Ilona Stammeier
Ilona Stammeier 8 months ago
Fan: shut the f*ck up! Cristine:Ben,shut the f*ck up! Cristine:says it ten times more
Moony Night
Moony Night 8 months ago
I have never heard someone pronounce Mariella in English... (it's my name too) it sounds so different from German and I kinda like it.
Jazzycakes 255
Jazzycakes 255 8 months ago
I don’t know if this is a bad subject but make sure Ben sees this ( Ben you need to be a man and ask her to marry you) you guys are the best couple
Worldwide Handsome
Worldwide Handsome 8 months ago
When your name is layla but you realize that the girl was 20 and your still 13
Kate The Gymnast
Kate The Gymnast 8 months ago
anyone here in 20 at almost 6am because they have a 3 week march break of corona
Nicole Celestino
Nicole Celestino 8 months ago
They meant to glitter bomb us. We don’t like you any more 🤣
Kailyn Viccari
Kailyn Viccari 8 months ago
i read Artemis Fowl it is a good series , its about this 12 year old boy goes on crazy adventures with his non-human friends (fairies,trolls,etc...) and he dose it all with his LEP (Lower Element Police) officer friend holly short (fairy) absolutely love the series who ever like adventuresome genera of book this is for you.
gachaidiot 8 months ago
Thats what she said........ XD
Klára Popílková
Klára Popílková 8 months ago
I'm 20 and I know that holo book, Artemis Fowl. And I love it, but I don't have the holo edition, sadly. Just give it a try. Sending love from the Czech Republic in these hard times (march 2020). 😂❤️
Nick I Guess?
Nick I Guess? 8 months ago
“Aren’t These Cute?” Whilst Accidentally Grasping Beyyyyn’s Boob -Cristine 7:25 😭
C Silva
C Silva 9 months ago
hey, mom, I need to something I'm a holosexual "GO TO BED!"
Esme Murnane
Esme Murnane 9 months ago
lil fuck girl
lil fuck girl 9 months ago
ben:*looks at doll* *closes as fast as he can*
Mackenzie McCormick
Mackenzie McCormick 9 months ago
Family Portrait: 19:34 (not including Zyler 😢)
Vann Holmes
Vann Holmes 9 months ago
Jimminy Snickets. Can these children stop swearing? GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM AND FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE I BREAK YOUR IPAD. Back in my day, my dad would have busted through a brick wall to slap me if he even heard me say "shit."
Agnesse-Lea Pinchevski
the way beeeyyynnn opened up the doll then closed it killed me
Trish Burke
Trish Burke 9 months ago
I have to laugh every time you refer to those in their 20's as old. I'll be 60 in April. I still love to sparkle and shine in halo.
Jazlyn Hilario
Jazlyn Hilario 9 months ago
PERIODTTTT !!!!! POOHS reply back PLZ if you know what period pooh means ha ha lolllll
Miana Melchiorre
Miana Melchiorre 10 months ago
Comma 10 months ago
I want to buy a peely base and some holos from holo taco and I’m debating bringing up sending you something with a deal to me mum that if you open it on camera I get a $50 Holo Taco gift card.
Crystal Stover
Crystal Stover 10 months ago
15:34 i caught the star wars reference.
Jacquelyn Cardona
Jacquelyn Cardona 10 months ago
Why does ben always looks depressed
xxKEVZxx 10 months ago
Are those holo taco prototype boxes at the back? 👀👀👀
Libby Wilcox
Libby Wilcox 10 months ago
Stfu Ben.
evhw 10 months ago
Hope is a kpop stan.