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Holo, I'm Cristine that weird nail girl. Sometimes I do things that are simply not logical.
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he broke my nail polish
7 months ago
My Boyfriend Is So Extra
3 years ago
Simplymailogical #1
4 years ago
Cristine is trying not to get fired in this 16:36 minutes 😂
Marissa Newman
‘MaykOver bEg’ lol
Chante Loren
Chante Loren 2 hours ago
My God Christine towed us her age this was only like 8 months ago select she's proudly lying 33 or still do too
Fire Flair
Fire Flair 2 hours ago
many years late but I also collect nail polish, notebooks, lip make up products, melty beads, the rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom thing, and also jewelry.
Alice in Disneyland
I feel bad for Ben
Goldenfredbear 202
Goldenfredbear 202 3 hours ago
"nO prESsUre" same cristine
Alexus Foster
Alexus Foster 3 hours ago
All 10
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 3 hours ago
House tour?? Yeah, let everyone see what they wanna break in and steal. Lol.
Darci Hebenstreit
Darci Hebenstreit 3 hours ago
How did he make it SO bad
Beanie-Queenie 4 hours ago
ah the days when we didnt have to wear masks
Gracie Johnston
Gracie Johnston 4 hours ago
When I really sound like that country accent......🤠😳😳😳
olivia besserud
olivia besserud 5 hours ago
you should do a vid were you take a bunch of tea and (drum roll) *inhales *holds breath till I turn red *exhale put it on your nails and you can attach tea bags to your nails put tea in there and then you can make tea whenever you want.
Amanda McKay
Amanda McKay 7 hours ago
Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan 7 hours ago
So Cristine's cold tea's are fruity and her hot ones are candy and/or cake flavours.
LarenLovesGames 8 hours ago
LarenLovesGames 8 hours ago
Aria Nelson
Aria Nelson 8 hours ago
Why the hell are there so many nail polish 💅
Piper Lego lover
Piper Lego lover 11 hours ago
Who else is disappointed that there is no Mengie
Jeff Ab
Jeff Ab 12 hours ago
See if you’re friend is Lying Ben just go friend zone
Froggy 12 hours ago
I have question, Why do you tag some swears but not others even if its the same one and u tag it once but not again
Forest Blue
Forest Blue 13 hours ago
0:50 food insecurities would be solved if everyone went vegan
Drama Llama
Drama Llama 14 hours ago
when he asks "does it hurt are you ok?" my heart melted
Carly Thacker
Carly Thacker 15 hours ago
Tip for the hair frizzies: you can use an eyelash/eyebrow spoolie with Vaseline or brow gel on it and run it over the stray hair. It may be little weird but it keeps the hairs in place and looks clean
Luna and Stella
Luna and Stella 16 hours ago
So cool. I was there in summer and it looks so different in Winter.
Venomous Tart
Venomous Tart 20 hours ago
I love these videos because her "we're going on a trip now" music is so upbeat and it makes me excited, but why does her "we're going home now" music make me want to cry??? T_T I don't get it.
Varsha John
Varsha John 21 hour ago
Actually the same forehead incident happend to my mom once. And the mark was there about a week 😂😂😂
thatgirlaj Day ago
my mum finds you funny and both my parents don't really care tbh lol
proxymoxie Day ago
Matt sounds the most Canadian out of you all 😲
nail art online episode
Who is watching this in 2020?
Gina Victoria
This entire experience looks EXHAUSTING.
Harley MCRmy
Harley MCRmy Day ago
Johanna Blackburn
, blurry and mint teaf🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦊🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
Johanna Blackburn
You need to play girls go games please🐱🐱Riley and I are they cut you have
R A Day ago
we need other. recipes!!!!!1
Soni Aye
Soni Aye Day ago
It’s been a LOOOOOOOONG time since i laughed this hard out loud at a US-first video hahahahaha
Jennifer Hartley
They walk in to store with out a mask me 😳 me oh yeah that was the olden days where that was the normal
Sabina Tsang
Sabina Tsang Day ago
Years late but I have a keychain collection
Moriha Newsome-Rogers
Me trying to drink water Christin being overly funny Me laughing my ass off
Mariah Mayers
Gacha Star
Gacha Star Day ago
Ive never realized that you was the ”wHaT dO yOu tHinK” girl omg
Frances Wetton
TiNy FaNcY bAbIeS - simply
Stale Cracker
2017, when you can put “girl jumps Christmas tree” in the title😂
Random Vegan Lady
This is foreshadowing for "What do you think?"
Eliana Geneslaw
Some Rando
Some Rando Day ago
She was a cent away from getting $69.96
Natalie Day ago
But it’s not a problem anymore 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Natalie Day ago
Steps number two I like oatmeal and I do like the channels
Natalie Day ago
Steps number one 1 I like oatmeal Step number two 2 I don’t know what you’re making Step number three 3 I like oatmeal sometimes but I’m not in the mood for all the time Step number four 4 Will you still like it even if you’re not in the mood for
Mariah H
Mariah H Day ago
How old are you?
Alissa Brock
Alissa Brock Day ago
you said it would be 1 minute straight then why is the video 1 minute and 1 second 🙄🙄🙄🙄 the click bait got to her
Ninja Spoon
Ninja Spoon Day ago
2020 Christmas 💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿
Luna and Stella
Snake skin on nails.. now that would be interesting
Luna and Stella
What, did Zyler get his own nail polish? Wooooow.. I love it
Jaslene Petersen
Jaslene Petersen 2 days ago
Damn. Cristine wasn't lying..she rely did film Saf's wedding and make money off it. Lol
Hannah Nott
Hannah Nott 2 days ago
That kid who predicted bens death in 2020: Imma bout to ruin this mans whole career!
I'm Just Sage
I'm Just Sage 2 days ago
There should be more mail videos,
anxious child
anxious child 2 days ago
The unicorn part. I was crying.
Rebecca Hernandez
once i saw cristine at Disney land but in California not Canada. But i think I’m positive cause she had the same shoes on as the gold nail polish video where they went to a super fancy nail polish salon.
A. Trace
A. Trace 2 days ago
Flamingos live between 40-60 years.
A. Trace
A. Trace 2 days ago
Raisinettes are Glossettes?
Alassiel 2 days ago
Rob is my spirit animal
A. Trace
A. Trace 2 days ago
Ben's Sailor Moon trivia is correct! Except he's thinking of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Of course Christine was Jupiter, she has the long brown hair!
A. Trace
A. Trace 2 days ago
3:01 Zyler is a mood.
lila is weird
lila is weird 2 days ago
Christine: 0:29 Me: Christine... why’d you wish this? 😀
Ky ky’s World
Ky ky’s World 2 days ago
Yaaaaaaassssssssss kweeeeeeeen
Jsmn._notfound .___.
I wonder if they actually do the dirty or they just dont
Angela Menchaca
Angela Menchaca 2 days ago
Two years later and this moment of Ben getting a forehead hickey still does the trick to cheer up. Please never take this down! Apparently, more people do this too.
kayla ryals
kayla ryals 2 days ago
I just looked at my toes and I still have polish on my toes all the way back to a year ago when I got them done for my first day to college
babs 2 days ago
"there's so many people in here, how do I get out of here and quickly?!" okay but like this sentence suits 2020 perfectly
Julie My
Julie My 2 days ago
Unpopular thought. I don’t really care about feet. They aren’t really disgusting... I mostly just forget about them, until I want to paint them, stub them on something or want to wear heels.
Manda cheese
Manda cheese 2 days ago
Ben if you need help blink three times
Maricarmen Bravo
Maricarmen Bravo 2 days ago
It’s funny how beynnnnn is wearing his drink slave hoodie
Marcela Rodríguez R.
The more I watch this videos the better I understand why do you choose Ben as your boyfriend, he is handsome but there are lots of handsome guys... But he is inteligent, wise, fun, and he takes care of you in such a lovely way that is so beautiful to watch videos like this, we laugh and love you so much as a great couple ejejejeje You guys rock! ejejeje
Rup 2 days ago
pretty B
pretty B 2 days ago
Christine is the sober version of Jen
Naisa young 06
Naisa young 06 2 days ago
"BeEEeEn" Lol
When we go to the store We have a budget And escape our mom It's usually 5 dollars
Sienna 2 days ago
Sienna 2 days ago
Poor person who ATE their peely